Futuristic UI Short

3d Motion Graphics | Photography |  UI Design

Self directed exploration into the futuristic user interfaces of Sci-fi, applying experimental concepts of how we might soon use technology with the current reasons we use them today. To listen to music, communicate with each other, stay updated on weather and bio metrics, and set timers.

Without losing some of the greeble we've come to expect from cinema, I created a user interface that combines current mobile and desktop design structures in a realistically simple way. 

The 10 second story portrays a simple use of setting a timer. Identifying the problems with current exercise timer apps, I strove to find ways to implement the necessities.

  • visual representation of time other than numbers
  • one simple screen to set the minutes/seconds/rounds
  • ability to set and store presets
  • connectivity to health metrics tracking
  • audio feedback

The ability to multi-task beyond the capabilities of current mobile OS is strongly rooted in the modular widgets that can be moved, reordered, and closed with grabbing gestures. Music, health metrics, weather, and social apps can all be viewed, interacted with, and moved from the same large screen allowing a personalized and engrossing experience.