Collaboration with Natalie Hords (Photographer)

Aberrant (ˈabərənt): departing from an accepted standard.
The ideas for this composition made many turns throughout. The final decided concept, aberration - goes against my own inner need for "correct" process. The removal of lens distortion, accurate white balance, chromatic aberration fixes, the like. Things I've always considered the proper knowledge and tools of creation. Instead of removing green/magenta aberration in the original image, I took the opportunity to exploit it. taking the overlaid magenta color and manifesting it as a transparent force, pushing its way inside the soft white organic shapes. Aberration not only included in the process but celebrated as the final exaggerated addition, not ruining what makes (what my older self would consider) an image great, but creating value from it. What I might consider flaws of a process could in reality be what makes something or someone beautiful. A welcome departure from what is "normal.